An Appealing Alternative to Downspouts

Most homes have a method of effectively managing rainwater as it runs off of the roof of a house during a downpour. Usually, it’s a maze of gutters surrounding the base of the roof with downspouts running down the exterior of the structure in advantageous spots so the water will flow away from the house. An attractive and soothing alternative to these downspouts is the use of a rain chain. Very popular in Japan for years, they are recently gaining attention in other countries, as well.

The appeal of a rain chain is a combination of its attractive appearance and the soothing sound the rain makes as in runs down the chain. Often, a basin will be placed on the ground at the base of the chain to either catch the water as it cascades down the chain or direct it towards another area of the landscape. As rainwater is saved by some people for a variety of uses, the rain chain is also perceived as a much cleaner way to catch the runoff water than having the water run through a traditional drain spout. A combination of chains around a house can create a stunning array of both visual and audio pleasures during a downpour.

Rain chains can be made from a variety of materials and in an even greater variety of styles. While copper seems to be the most popular material, anything resilient enough to withstand the elements is suitable to convey the water in an attractive way. A minimalist approach for a rain chain might be as simple as a decorative chain with no adornments simply allowing a path for the water to flow. A more ornate rain chain might involve a series of small vessels that would catch the water and fill, then overflow to the vessel below repeatedly until the water reaches the ground. Some chains are made of ornate rocks chained together creating an entirely unique look. Glass can also be used to add even more visual appeal to a rain chain. The more their popularity grows, more and more different versions and styles are being seen.

A rain chain can create the illusion of a miniature waterfall as the water cascades down it. Regardless of how they are made, the addition of a rain chain can create a wonderland of appealing sounds and visuals. This wonderland is compounded with the addition of several chains strategically located around a home. As their popularity grows, professional manufacturers are creating many different styles and designs to keep up with the demand. They have even caught on with the do-it-your-selfer’s as well as the environmentally conscious as a great project to, maybe, utilize some natural resources to create even more unique designs.

Many people enjoy sitting outdoors in a protected area during a storm taking in the natural breezes and sounds associated with mother nature. It’s actually a therapeutic experience for some individuals. These timelessly innovative alternatives to a traditional downspout only add to the nature lover’s experience.