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Fire starters come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and flavors. The challenge when each of them lies following 2 features. Is the device waterproof and is it durable plenty to present consistent sparks.

The Aurora 440C from Solo Scientific fills both requirements. It comes in 2 parts, which are the cylinder and the rod. They screw together and incorporate an o-arena to make a waterproof seal. This prevents salt water corrosion approaching the rod. Also, you can wear the Aurora approximately your key pitch or concerning a lanyard vis--vis your neck.

The Aurora has knurling to pay for you a delightful astonishment. And later the magnesium rod and striking blade, the Aurora Fire Starter 440C is a lightweight 1.6 ounces and asleep 4" in length.

Striking Blade

Unlike pro blaze steels, this one has the striking blade built into it. So it's not hanging upon a string related to auxiliary units. This wont fracture off or acquire caught in adding equipment. Once nice business approximately the 440C striking blade is that it doesn't submission to off much material from the steel rod. This means you don't have to replace the rod that often. And because its made out of hard super alloy, you can use the urge on side of the blade to sharpen your knives

Field Testing And Performance

The lightweight Aurora 2SA is ascribed for the Navy Diver Challenge. It moreover serves nimbly for adventurers, survivalists and pilots. Operation is easy. Just strike the rod after that the integral blade and streams of 5000 degree sparks come flying out.

But there are some.. come to's just accustom... operator issues in the by now the Aurora. Some people don't surrounded by the rushed handle. Others have to apply too much force compared to subsidiary ferro rod type starters. So if you aren't used to striking and throwing sparks next this might seem awkward to you.

Two Models To Choose From

Two models are now easy to get bond of to. Both are equipped following a ferro flint steel rod behind magnesium. This motion yields sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F.

The first model is the 2SA which has a lifetime striking blade made out of tungsten, carbide and cobalt that will never colorless.

The optional appendage model is the 440C gone the hardened steel striking blade. This lets you sharpen and reverse the blade if it gets colorless. Also, you can acquire replacement blades for this unit.


All in every one one, I'd post the Aurora fire starter is a unit worth getting. For the people who have had problems behind it, the issues are more of preference than problems plus the Aurora. There are just too many people that trust this matter considering their lives.